Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter Review

by Jenny on August 10, 2013

If you’re looking for an all in one tent that`s going to bring you from the beach to the local water park and give you shade on the go, you might want to check out the Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter. The tent can be set up and torn down quickly, giving you versatility while on the go. With a large area, it’s going to be a great choice for families with older children.

Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter

Other tents may not include poles in the design and just pop-up, once they’re removed from the bag. The Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter is a great choice because the poles add structure to the tent and create a secure space for the beach, the camp site, the playground or even the backyard. All you have to do is remove the Quick Cabana from the bag, set out the tent in the area where it’s going to be used and pull upwards in a motion that sets the tent quickly, with ease.

Features of the Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter:

  • Compact design but spacious interior
  • Quick and easy set-up and tear-down
  • Lightspeed telescopic handles for convenient set-up
  • Use it for the beach, camping or sports games
  • 96” x 54” x 48”
  • Light speed tents are extensively tested before use to ensure a high quality protection from the sun

In addition to the three walled tent you can take advantage of the spacious front “porch” area used to place over the sand or while camping to avoid having to sit on the grass. For parents, this is a great place to use the chairs and loungers to avoid sitting on the ground and placing the children that are napping or spending time in the shade to cool off in the background, in the inside of the tent.

Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter

Rather than pegs used to secure the tent to the beach, sand bags or ‘pockets’ are used on the outside of the tent. Easily filled with sand to secure the tent and provide weight to reduce the chances the tent is going to fly away when a breeze hits the beach, they’re easy to use but do add another step to preparing the tent for use during the day at the beach.

Final Thoughts
Three large roll up windows and the Lightspeed method of being able to set-up and tear down the tent are two features that make the versatile tent a must have for the day at the beach. You can roll the windows for more sun, or leave the windows closed for additional shade.

Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter

The added ‘porch’ area in the front of the tent is one of the main reasons that previous buyers have chosen the tent. Though there isn’t the initial shade that is provided through the design of the tent, you’re going to be able to increase the space available to get off of the sand.

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