Pacific Play Tents Seaside Beach Cabana #19091 Review

by Jenny on August 15, 2013

Bright colors and fun designs can create a haven from the sun that infants and children will want to spend time on their down time at the beach. Shaded from the sun with a solid back, it`s a great choice for parents that are looking for a place for the child to nap while they spend the day out together.

Pacific Play Tents Seaside Beach Cabana 19091

Features of the Pacific Play Tent Seaside Beach Cabana:

  • Easy to clean, polyethylene floor
  • Two mesh side windows
  • Solid back is perfect to keep the sun off of napping children
  • Includes carry bag
  • Convenient side-tie doors for easy access


Parents that are traveling to the beach with children are likely aware of the fact that the infant or child is going to need a place to nap while they`re there – especially if it`s a full day outing. Finding somewhere for the child to nap where they`re going to be out of the harmful rays of the sun can be difficult when all you`re toting along to the shore is an umbrella.

Bringing along the Pacific Play Tents Seaside Beach Cabana, you can create a shaded place for the child to nap under the protection of the sun shelter that`s going to be free of sand. It`s big enough for two children to play in and get out of the sun but also provides you with a place to store coolers and other valuables that you would prefer to keep close.

Pacific Play Tents Seaside Beach Cabana 19091

The mesh windows provide a well ventilated area for the child to nap safely inside of the tent while the parents can spend time in the sun. You won`t have to worry about the child becoming too warm inside of the tent, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your time on the sand.


The smaller design of the shelter is suited for children and therefore adults that are looking for a place to cool off and get out of the sun might want to consider a larger option that provides more adequate protection. For families, there are larger options available.

Final Thoughts

The fun, surf and beach themed design is a great choice for children, they’re going to love the design. The easy to clean floor is attached to the tent and is going to have to be shaken out before you place the tent back in the easy carry bag, something to consider before making the final decision.

Parents that are searching for a tent that’s going to be used only for children while spending the day at the beach should consider this tent. It’s got popular reviews among the owners that have used it with infants and young children.

Another bonus for parents is the floor. If there are spills, food and mud that’s been trekked into the tent you can rest assured it’s going to be easily wiped clean at the end of the day. Parents of young children know how important it is to have items that are easily cleaned – another reason to choose the Pacific Play Tents Seaside Beach Cabana.

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